About Photoblocker
Photoblocker works by utilising the intense flash, used by most photo speed cameras, to over expose the cameras picture of a license plate. If there is no flash then photoblocker wont work.
Photoblocker is not a tool to allow people to disregard the law and drive above the speed limit, thinking that they are invisible to speed cameras. We DON'T, in any way, condon unsafe driving practices or speeding that could endanger the lives of others. Photoblocker gives safe drivers an edge over the unfair use of speed cameras that are strategically placed purely to raise revenue not save lives.
If Photoblocker prevents you from receiving one of these tickets then it has payed for itself.
Photoblocker will work with most photo speed cameras. There are factures that can alter the effectiveness of Photoblocker i.e. weather, sun light, the absence of a flash unit etc.
Photoblocker is not effective against Laser Guns, Mobile Radar some new speed cameras, that are slowly being introduced, that use a very low powered flash or none at all. For example these are used in Sydney's Harbour tunnels as a bright flash could blind drivers causing a safety issue. The majority of cameras out there are the old type and they will be around for a while yet.