Drivers... Here's the information the Police don't want you to have!

How would you feel if you got a hefty fine tomorrow for driving perfectly sensibly but... marginally over the speed limit?

Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

And yet with more sophisticated detection techniques being employed by the Police the chance of it happening, or in some cases losing your licence, grows by the week.

Thousands of people get fined every day all over the world.

Vast sums of cash are generated each year under the lie: ‘Were doing this to make our streets safer.


Wherever there are speed cameras you are assured law abiding motorists are being exploited - all over the world.

Lets face it, we all creep over the speed limit from time to time. Get caught and you face a heavy fine, or worse - losing your licence altogether. The authorities can take away your money, your transport and your freedom!!!

How on Earth can a huge fine make our streets safer?

Traffic Wardens and police are modern-day bandits, the difference is that in the 'good old days' the highwaymen wore a mask and put a gun to your head so that you were under no illusion you were being robbed!!!

Drive sensibly! We’re all adults, we’re quite capable of using common sense when driving through built up areas.

We all understand that it's prudent to drive at 40km/h past a school - we do it for the for the childrens sake.

We don't need a 'nanny state' wielding an iron rod to warn us of the dangers of speeding.

Now don't get me wrong... road safety is important BUT...

The vast sums EXTORTED from the motorists on a daily basis have NO DIRECT PROVEN LINK to road safety.

In fact the Canadian government has realised this and removed their cameras!

There are many ways of improving road safety which are far more effective than prosecuting motorists who stray a few miles per hour over the limit on an open road..... But as a way of generating revenue for the government, it's almost unbeatable!

That's right:

The main motivation behind most motoring law enforcement is money!

The motorist is an easy target.

They are much easier to catch than a burglar (great for the arrest figures!), will give less trouble when they're caught, and are more likely to have money in their pockets to pay a substantial fines.

Flash, Bang, Wallop...Your Done!

Instantly, YOU end up with a hefty fine for speeding while a shoplifter gets off with little more than a slap on the wrists.

Does that make you angry?

It should!

YOU are being used as a source of EASY MONEY by the government, and you could be robbed of your means of transport in the process.

Would you like the chance to fight back?

Now before I go on I want to make one thing clear:

Our products are not intended for those maniacs who abuse our roads and put others’ lives at risk.

The boy-racers who seem to think they are above the law; the teenagers whose experience behind the wheel amounts to a few thousand miles of learning how to exert a modicum of control over that ton of steel, glass and momentum.

When you pass your test that certificate absolutely, definitely does not mean you can drive a car with any degree of skill, it means you have shown only enough competence to be let lose on the roads and begin to learn how to drive properly!!!

A tiny minority of people scream around in lethal weapons with wanton abandonment and often, when they do lose control, it is the other party who comes off worse.

It’s like standing at the bar, minding your own business whilst some maniac waves a loaded shotgun around. When he pulls the trigger it’s just sheer luck as to whether you get it, or the old lady in the corner!!!

If people are going to drive like lunatics then they should not buy our products; they should be fined, even banned - in fact lock them up and throw away the key.

But why should the rest of us suffer because a tiny minority are on some ego trip?

PhotoBlocker is designed to give the HONEST, SAFE, EXPLOITED driver an edge!

Traffic enforcement is absolutely about revenue and the road safety aspect has gone right out the window - along with all common sense!!!

PhotoBlocker is aimed at genuine road users who regularly and expensively get shafted by the system.

They Are Out To Get You - Drivers Are EASY MEAT!!!

You'd better believe it, and they'll use every underhand, sneaky trick available.

is about redressing the balance of power...

If they want to fight dirty then YOU have two choices:

1. Lie down and take it.

2. Fight them on their terms.

It's up to you!!!